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    The new models are here and ready for you to take home. By popular demand the 2-sided "flip-able" mattress is back. We are excited to announce three new 2-sided mattress models: firm, cushion firm, and plush. Don't bother shopping around for one of these, we are currently the only store in the Merrimack Valley carrying these models. For many people a one-sided mattress will meet your sleeping needs. For this reason, most of the models we sell are one-sided, meaning they have a sleeping surface on top and an underside that rests on your box spring. The 2-sided mattress has two sleep surfaces allowing it to be flipped each month. This provides a more even wear on the mattress and extends it's life. Which type of mattress is right for you depends on your personal lifestyle and sleeping preferences. Come by the store to see me, I am happy to help match your needs and budget with the right mattress for your best sleep. We would also like to take this
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