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    Hi everyone! This is our first blog on our new website! Today we need to talk about sleep. Sometimes it's not the mattress that's not good. Sure it's lumpy and sagging then it's obvious that's the problem. But newer mattresses last about 10 years. You must remember that after 7-8 years the mattress may lose it's comfort and support level that you want. Padding shifts or compresses and that will change the feel of the mattress. (That's not a failure, it's getting old) But then there's one other factor as well such as you may have put on weight or lost weight. This will effect your sleep and change your sleep habits as well. Sometimes we are sore from injury or just aches and pains. When it's time for a new mattress your body will tell you. If that doesn't happen the person your sleeping will tell you. They don't last forever, but you expect to get 8-10 years out of a decent mattress set. I Hope To Sell To You In The Future!
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