The "mattress in a box" is a popular choice for online shoppers. We get it, they are gel infused and shipped to your door. It all sounds very convenient until you find that it is not the right mattress for you and you have to return it. At Bradford Mattress and More we are carrying a line of these gel infused mattresses that have never been stuffed into a box. They come in firm and plush and we have them out on our display floor for you to try! As sleep experts we care about finding you the right mattress. If a gel infused mattress is not right for you, maybe our Therapedic Eco-Gel memory foam mattress will be. You have to give this Eco-Gel a try, it's soy based gel foam allows the mattress to breath and keeps you cool all night. Come by the store today and we will help you find your perfect gel mattress.
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